Karl Edmunson 06 – SRT6


Upon retiring from Greater Manchester Police in 2012 I decided to buy myself a nice car and was looking at an Aston Martin DB 9. I looked at a few but
maintenance costs were a tad high. So I spent literally weeks looking at Porsche 911’s , BMW’s , Audis etc.

There were loads to choose from and after a while they all started to blur into
one. I also need to have a car more powerful than what my wife Tracy had which was a 190 bhp Nissan Juke Dig T so I conducted a search on cars with over 300 bhp.

One caught my eye straight away , a Chrysler Crossfire SRT6 , the statistics
were fantastic and it looked great so.

I drove to Stafford to view the car , took it for a test drive then put a deposit on it. I returned a week later and picked it up then drove it back up the M6. I put my foot down and the power from the engine threw me into the back of my seat , just what the Doctor ordered.

I didn’t particularly like the front grill so I had one made at Zunsport which
totally transformed the look at the front end. The interior was a tad too silvery so I replaced the gear knob with a Rippspeed rubber and alloy one which looks really sporty.

I have made a few other minor tweaks but I now have it just as I want it.

I have driven about 15,000 miles in it and attended quite a few events including The Laon Historique in France and a track day at Castle Combe Race Circuit, (quick tip , don’t take you’re car on a race circuit without upgrading the brake pads as the standard ones can’t cope with the heavy braking involved.