Staffordshire Forest and Chase Tour 10th March 2019 Event Report

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Well what a great meeting today in Staffordshire given the shocking weather warning.

I knew it was going to be a good day when Mick Allsop and I followed Ian and Sue Bosson down the road to the Garden Centre and instead of turning right into the garden centre Ian and Sue drove straight past.
They soon turned round and joined us and we headed off to the restaurant for breakfast where we were joined by Chris and Terry Warburton.

John Eccles was no where to be seen and I phone him to see where he was. He said he was 10 minutes away (that’s 30 minutes in real time)

After about half an hour I heard a droning noise akin to a shot up Messerschmitt which got louder and louder before stopping.

John had arrived in his car which has a leaky exhaust. He came in , sat down and said “You won’t believe the morning I’ve had”
And then he told us all about it.

We were joined a short time later by Justin and Caroline and after we all had breakfast we headed off on our journey around the Staffordshire Forest and Chase.

Unlike the rest of the country which was suffering appalling weather we had sunshine.

God had smiled on the event

It didn’t take long for our initial convoy to split up due to a split instruction and Mick Allsopp and I ended up together driving the route in tandem.

As we drove down a single track road we were confronted by a tractor and trailer coming at us at speed , the driver looked about 12 , his co pilot even younger. We pulled over and they charged past us at speed throwing mud up along the side of my car. Lucky I hadn’t had it washed at the Plant Pot car wash prior to setting off.

We continued on and visited the Commonwealth War Graves where we met up with John.

After looking at the first cemetery we then walked down to the German cemetery.

On the way down John dropped his drivers licence. I picked it up but before giving him back I couldn’t but notice his full name is John Herman Goring Eccles.

This explained the comments of Mein Gott and Gott Im himmel he was muttering under his breath as we walked around the gravestones.

We got back to our cars and drove the rest of the route ending up back at the start point where we met up with the rest of the group. where we had a chat and a coffee.

Well what a fantastic day with a great group of people and thanks to all who turned up and special thanks to Chris for adding photos to my route book and putting in the inter miles etc.

The Laon Historique 2018

What a great weekend we all had. From arriving at Dover through to getting back into our house we never stopped laughing.

Day One – Calais – Arras – Laon

The first scheduled stop on the trip was Arras for a lunch stop . Those ever so nice Scenic Tours guys had reserved parking for us in the towns old square, so along with 200 other cars we had lunch and a catch up in the brilliant sunshine.

Arras Town Hall
The Old Square Arras
Wing Commander Edmondson and Jake Edmundson
Captain Slow and Ann Eccles
Mr and Mrs Warburton , looking every bit the Englishman abroad
Colin and Gillian Mort
Michael Ramsey stickering
Mark and Carol Gordons  SRT6
Sue Bosson looking sophisticated
A rather nice car

After a quick dash to the hotel, for some it was quicker than others (we got lost and at one point was heading back to Calais). We had a group bonding session in the hotel bar and restaurant.

Lost in France
Hotel Kyriad in Laon

Day Two Saturday –  The Rally – Laon – Chimay – Laon

After an early start and getting registered for the event we all assembled at the start at Parc Foch (the sat nav on my iPhone made some very dubious commands at the pronunciation).

Parc Foch before the start of the Rally
Mark Gordon polishing his SRT6 before the start of the Rally
Group Photo just in case we didn’t make it back
Lunch Stop Chimay in Belgium and the newly opened road circuit
A brace of Farrari’s waiting for the track
I always wondered why the roaster had those flat plastic bits, now I know
Karls SRT6 with a built in Picnic table
Mark and Karl
Ann breaking the house rules, NO EATING IN THE CAR
Our turn for a spin around the track
How come his brakes look better in red than mine?
At the finish, we made it back first (Karl we did not use the SatNav haha)
Out for another team bonding session (not a bad Photograph considering it was taken by a TVR driver)
The Buffalo Grill, as the name suggests that is what I had just eaten

Day Two – The Precession Day

As the name suggests all the participants drive around the city until you have had enough driving and then you can pull in and watch the rest. The day starts with a briefing by the Mayor in the Town Hall followed by a champaign reception. Then just time for some lunch then the fun begins.

Once you have parked the car then its a quick walk up two thousand steps and a steep slope to the town hall. Chris opting for a cardio vascular workout!
Cars assemble in the Town Square
In the Town Hall for the briefing
He is the coolest mayor I have ever met
A pre event cheeky aperitif before a quick explore around the town
Cant beat an old Aston Martin, drop dead gorgeous
before you start racking your brains its a Sabra made in Sabras were made in two basic versions in Tamworth (United Kingdom) and in Haïfa (Israel)
There are incredible cars parked in every corner of the town
The Cathedral is spectacular the stained glass windows looked fantastic with the sun behind them
Todays lunch venue, be rude to walk pass
The Food was fantastic and we all got to sit down together try that in England on a busy day!
And so it begins
The Mayor is in the first car around the circuit followed by the vintage cars


Mark and Carol cruising
Ian and Sue following close behind
Parked up watching the parade
Wow it was hot
Masserati engines have a sound all of their own
My favourite car of the day, it sounded and flew like a jet!
Spotted these guys on one of our laps, the smartest guys on the day award!
Next year, I can See Karl with his Commander’s Epaulets
At the debrief and they are still talking haha
Six o clock and the apocalyptic clouds started to form, just after i found my sunglasses, funny that!
So we transferred the debrief to indoors
This is what the debrief mainly consisted of

So after a fantastic weekend of early starts and not so early evenings, food to die for and great company to laugh with.

I have a few people to thank. Karl for his hard work in pointing us all in the right direction and getting us to book. To Jo who convinced Ann  to change our Cruise booking,

Ann says its the best decision she has made this year.

To Scenic Tours and the people of Arras and Laon and Chimay who made the event a fantastic experience and finally to everyone else who have made me laugh till my face hurt (you know who you are).

Here’s to next time.




Tour of the Peaks 28th April 2018



This years event was fantastic and it was the British Crossfires first mass turn out for such an event. The day started with a huge bacon butty and a brew followed by the start which saw forty very nice cars set of at one minute intervals. Can I say guys the cars looked great.


Forgotten Crossfire 02 Howells.jpgStart Photo 035 copy

Forgotten Crossfire 01Start Photo 036 copy

The scenery on the tour is fantastic as the photos below show. This was after a quick hour dash to beat the first car to the checkpoint.

On the Road 034 copyOn the Road 043 copyOn the Road 046 copyOn the Road 045 copy

Lunch was at the Door Moor Inn which had quite possibly the best dressed car park I have seen in a long time.

Lunch 001 copy.jpgLunch 002 copy.jpg

Forgotten Crossfire 03 Howells copy.jpgLunch 014 copy.jpg

Lunch 013 copy.jpg

On the whole it was a great event, well organised and worth every penny of the entry fee. Hopefully next year it will be even better attended so we will keep you informed when we have more information.

British Crossfire Coast to Coast Tour 2017

What a fantastic couple of days, All I have done is drive, eat and laugh. The 2017 Coast to Coast was fantastic from start to finish.

I think everyone met and made some new friends or met up with some who they have known for ages and it was great to catch up.

Friday afternoon on our motorway system is always a challenge and add that to the effort needed to get away from the office it can become a nightmare very easily.

Take myself and Ann, She likes to be organised so I had all the rally plates and stickers delivered a couple of weeks before we needed them. You can imaging my delight when I couldn’t find the cable ties half an hour before we had to leave. She sat in the car while I searched for them. I didn’t find them and had to buy some more on the way through to the hotel. On returning home tonight I forgot about the mess I had made in my haste, It looked like we had been burgled, so I am in the dog house again.

After meeting at the Midland Hotel we decided on a meal at Frankie and Bennies would fit the bill and very nice it was too, we almost had the place to ourselves so it was like a private party. I must say that my shirts have become very tight around the midriff after this weekend.

Friday Night in Frankie and Bennies

After an early start sorting things Karl and myself kept a watchful eye on the weather which was looking very dubious at 6.30 but over breakfast our luck changed and a speck of blue sky appeared.

Scrambled Eggs and Smoked Salmon (and very nice it was too)

So 9.30 and the start of our road trip starts. All leaving in one minute intervals.

Number 01Number 02Number 03Number 04Number 05Number 06Number 07Number 08Number 09Number 18

First stop of the Day was The Shap Wells Hotel a great place with lashings of Coffee and cake and chance to get some photographs

If I didn’t manage to catch you for a photograph I do appologise and will do better next year. I did manage to get some people leaving though.

Griff andKarl and Tracy LeavingMick and Dawn LeavingMike and Jo Ramsey LeavingNumber 09 Leaving

After a spirited drive over the top for our next comfort break was in Leyburn at The Friars Head at Akebar Park for  spot of lunch. The smile on the faces of people arriving was great to see, in particular Mo Perry who had a spirited drive over the tops with sightings of Deer and Grouse.


The final stop was at Saltburn by the sea, a fantastic Victorian Seaside resort. It was surprising to see people playing on the beach which considering the weather just before the start was amazing.


So all that remained was to get to our hotel for the evening and have another meal followed by the raffle and a great get together in one of the very opulent lounges.


All that remains to say thank you to one or two people. Firstly to everyone who came and made the event very enjoyable. To Karl and Tracy for the organisation, To Mick and Dawn for their donations of the Big Raffle Prizes and to everyone who brought something for the general raffle.

The most popular prize of the evening was the socket set who was won by Mark Gordon, apparently Carol said he had been practicing using it by trying to dismantle the radiator in the bedroom.

A special mention must go to Mo and Gill Perry who won the farthest distance travelled award.

To everyone who made me laugh and I can say that was most of the weekend a big thank you.

If you have any photographs that you want to add please feel free to send them through and I will put them up on the page. So heres to the next time, keep in touch if you have any Ideas for future events please let us know.

18th Sept 2016 – Route 62 Kustom Show

Pontefract Racecourse was a fantastic setting for this show. The weather was kind and the sun shone for the event. There were hundreds of cars and bikes in attendance and the range and diversity of the exhibits was astounding. The hundreds of visitors made the atmosphere brilliant.


Karl and myself were the only two Crossfires in attendance so the show organisers placed us with the UKChrysler group which consisted of some very nice examples of Chrysler 300’s (some with 5.8 ltd Hemi’s), PT Cruisers and several custom Rods.

I tried to get some photos of what I thought were the best of the bunch but as you know it all comes down to personal taste.

The food stalls were reasonably priced and the Rock and Roll band had everyone dancing even at lunchtime, and thats a feat in itself. I think this event will be one we can put in the diary for next year.

4th Sept 2016 – Flat Caps and Ferrets Huddersfield Hot Rod Show

Photograph Courtesy of Flat Caps and Ferrets

The Flat Caps and Ferrets Car Show showcases Hot Rods , Drag Racers and much more.

After a rather dull start to the day it turned out quite nice. Karl was joined by another Crossfire belonging to John and Nicky Oliver in there Crossfire NA with its very distictive Number Plate.

Nicky and John Oliver with there Crossfire


There was plenty of great cars on show from Hotrods through to Military Vehicles.

Karl kindly took photograhs of some of the best at the show and I think it could be an event we will hopefully be attending in force next year.

Here are some of the stars of the show.

28th Aug 2016 Ripon Classic Car and Motorbike Show.

Photo Courtesy of Mark Woodward Classic Events

It was an early start for me on Sunday morning to make it to the meeting place for 9.30. The low cloud across Saddleworth Moor slowed me down but by the time I had reached Leeds it began to clear. As usual even though I arrived five minutes early I was still the last to arrive. (They don’t call me Captain Slow for nothing!)

We had a great turnout, Damian Searby acted as host for the Uk Crossfires and even Mick Allsop turned up to support us even though his rather nice Merc had to live on the carpark!

It was a great day, the rain arrived about 2.00 which put a damper on proceedings but my car of the day in my eyes was this partially restored Jaguar, Awesome!

Here are some photographs of some of the people who attended. Sorry if I missed anyone but it was early.

6th August 2016 Coast to Coast Car Tour

We had a fantastic couple of days on Karl Edmondsons first Coast to Coast Car Tour at the begining of the month. 13 cars took part and it was a huge success. A huge thank you goes Karl and Tracy who worked tirlessly to make it happen.

Friday night was spent at the Midland Hotel which is fantastic, newly modernised but in keeping with its art deco apperance and after a splendid meal it was an early night for the tour which started straight after breakfast.

On Saturday we participated in the highly successful Coast to Coast event from Morecambe to Scarborough. The weather and the scenery were both amazing which made the 162 mile journey pass by in a flash.

Travelling through the Yourshire Dales and through the North Yorkshire moors was brilliant, indespersed with watering holes such as the Fat Lamb and The Friars Head at Akebar Park before landing in Scarborough for a great buffet and presentation of the prizes.

Bill foley nabbed the Ipad and Karl was presented with a token gift by Michael Ramsey. The important thing though was that we raised much needed funds for Daniel Rainbow’s Neuroblastoma Journey fund raisers,  we raised over £700 for the fund, just by having a great time.

What made it even more special was that Daniel and his family waited patiently for us at the finish line. A great day was had by all.

Below are photos of the event, please feel free to share them, all I ask is that you tell people who you share them with about Daniels fundrainind page at


A great day at Castle Combe

Photo Courtesy of Mick Allsopp

Report by Karl Edmundson

Attendees were Karl Edmondson , Mick Allsopp , Eddie Betts (hero) Mark and Sandra Jaworski , Geoff Hooker , Mike Burns , Dave and Alison Collins , Colin Mitchell , Adie and Debbie Walker , John Hall

We initially met at the Bell a short distance from the Circuit at 8am ( I got there 8.15 tut) where I dished out the entry tickets.

Mark Jaworski then went to the Circuit to claim out pitch but on arrival petrol heads all over were parking where they felt like and the marshals had given up . it was every man for himself and Mark secured enough spaces for all the cars.

Mark and Sandra then took their car onto the circuit and this day being a Forge Performance Day it was totally different from the year earlier which was a Classic and Retro day.

Last year we had 7 or 8 cars setting off to race , these were Classic cars for the most and poodle around the circuit.

Today was a totally different ball game , Mark lines up with 40 other petrol heads in high performance race tuned cars and then they were off , mental.

Mark stayed out of trouble and managed to get his car up to 95 mph but he suffered brake fade after the second lap.

12 noon arrives and hero Eddie Betts turns up in his Lambo door Crossfire , he had just finished night shift but still turned up from Nottingham.

I had my checks done on my car and queued up to go onto the circuit.

A middle aged Geordie came up to me and said *why thats a rare car* I said depending how this race goes they may be even rarer! We chatted about the SRT 6 and then I went onto the circuit and luckily for me I was at the back of the grid which suited me fine.

My thoughts were let the lunatics scream off and just follow behind and get used to the circuit. As soon as the light went green that plan went right out of the window and the foot went to the floor.

Given the fact that most of the cars were track cars I was doing ok and got it up to 125 mph on the long straight before I had to brake hard for a right hand bend. The next lap I was determined to go faster and as the bend approached I saw 125 again , I pressed the accelerator harder then almost missed the braking point , my cars back end was all over the place , an Subaru Imprezza had to take evasive action but I managed to stay on the circuit and get round the bend. The EBC Red Stuff brake pads had done their job.

There were casualties as one car blew his head gasket and others spun off the circuit.

When the laps were over I was glad to get off with the car in one piece.

It was a great day and the weather was sunny which made for great racing.

All Club members had a great day we saw some awesome cars , one above 750 bhp and another with probably over a 1000 bhp. It was all about power , tyres and brakes.

I went to the Toyo tyre exhibition tent and a young blonde slim Toyo representative asked if I would like to enter the free drawer for a set of tyres. I filled in a form and they she gave me a bag which included a wooly Toyo beanie , result.

On returning to our pitch I told the Club members who then went charging off to get their freebies.

The day had drift cars performing in between the racing which were awesome and the smoke and noise had to be seen and heard.

Geoff brought a bed sheet with him so we could lie down and see the painting to the underside of his car which  included the exhaust !!

So a great day with great weather and good people.

Speak soon