Bill Foley – 06 NA Crossfire


I just love my car and I mean love it, she has a name, Roxanne and this is the story of how we met.

I was looking for a car as my jag was getting a bit passed it’s sell by date and going through auto trader saw a two seater BMW for sale at a garage in Harrogate.

When I rang the guy he had just sold it and the following day he sent me a photo of a grey crossfire and asked if I would be interested. My initial reaction was oooh bloody hell no what’s that, then almost immediately I thought no I like it so I showed Jan the photo she loved it straight away so I went onto eBay and found SDSC car sales in Cambridge.

The guy who owns SDSC is called Stuart Davies he had my Roxanne and I wanted her, he did a great all round video of the car, Jan used to get sick of me playing it, that was part of getting Jan used to changing cars.

When the day came when when me and my Jag went down to Cambridge I set off at six in the morning and eventually arrived at Stuart’s who had a vast array of crossfires, Jags and Rollers but there she was gleaming in all her sparklinglyness, (is that a real word), she was coming home with me, I did the deal, tanked her up and headed north at a rate of knots.

Just over two years later she is still here in all her gorgeousness washed, waxed and maintained every Sunday I am known in our street as the bloke with the shiney car I know I’m sad and getting counselling for it haha.