Staffordshire Forest and Chase Tour 10th March 2019 Event Report

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Well what a great meeting today in Staffordshire given the shocking weather warning.

I knew it was going to be a good day when Mick Allsop and I followed Ian and Sue Bosson down the road to the Garden Centre and instead of turning right into the garden centre Ian and Sue drove straight past.
They soon turned round and joined us and we headed off to the restaurant for breakfast where we were joined by Chris and Terry Warburton.

John Eccles was no where to be seen and I phone him to see where he was. He said he was 10 minutes away (that’s 30 minutes in real time)

After about half an hour I heard a droning noise akin to a shot up Messerschmitt which got louder and louder before stopping.

John had arrived in his car which has a leaky exhaust. He came in , sat down and said “You won’t believe the morning I’ve had”
And then he told us all about it.

We were joined a short time later by Justin and Caroline and after we all had breakfast we headed off on our journey around the Staffordshire Forest and Chase.

Unlike the rest of the country which was suffering appalling weather we had sunshine.

God had smiled on the event

It didn’t take long for our initial convoy to split up due to a split instruction and Mick Allsopp and I ended up together driving the route in tandem.

As we drove down a single track road we were confronted by a tractor and trailer coming at us at speed , the driver looked about 12 , his co pilot even younger. We pulled over and they charged past us at speed throwing mud up along the side of my car. Lucky I hadn’t had it washed at the Plant Pot car wash prior to setting off.

We continued on and visited the Commonwealth War Graves where we met up with John.

After looking at the first cemetery we then walked down to the German cemetery.

On the way down John dropped his drivers licence. I picked it up but before giving him back I couldn’t but notice his full name is John Herman Goring Eccles.

This explained the comments of Mein Gott and Gott Im himmel he was muttering under his breath as we walked around the gravestones.

We got back to our cars and drove the rest of the route ending up back at the start point where we met up with the rest of the group. where we had a chat and a coffee.

Well what a fantastic day with a great group of people and thanks to all who turned up and special thanks to Chris for adding photos to my route book and putting in the inter miles etc.

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