Tour of North Wales and AGM Fri 16th – 18th August 2019


This weekend is our biggest event of the year and so far we have Thirteen cars attending.

Friday night in Caernarfon will be a bit of a mish mash as people are arriving at different times. We have not done a group booking at a restaurant for that reason. What we suggest is that we meet up at the Table Table (next to the Premier Inn) at say 9 pm.

A few people have booked tables at 6pm at the Black Boy Inn for Friday and this is quite easy to do online.

If you are coming just for the Saturday Tour the meeting point will be Morrisons Car Park Caernarfon at 10.00am. SAT NAV Information LL55 1BA

The Saturday I have booked a large area of the Table Table from 7pm.

Hopefully everyone should be back well before that time.

We will have a very brief AGM and a Raffle so all please bring a raffle prize. Nothing too expensive just around the £10 mark.

The money raised from the annual raffle covers our Motorsports membership which includes the Clubs Public Liability Insurance.

The agenda for the AGM

British Crossfires AGM– 17th August 2019


Welcome from the Chairman – Christopher Warburton

Apologies for absence

Previous Minutes

AGM from 1st Sept 2018

Chairman’s Report – Christopher Warburton

Report on activities for the year to date.

Treasurers Report Karl Edmondson

Financial Strategy for the future

Financial Report Karl Edmondson

Balance sheet

Breakdown of expenditure/ donations

Secretary’s Report – John Eccles

Communication strategy to members

Safeguarding Policy

Data protection Policy

Register of events to be formulated

Car Stickers / Branding materials

Website development

Election of Officers – Christopher Warburton

President – Mick Allsop

Chairman – Christopher Warburton

Treasurer – Karl Edmondson

Secretary – John Eccles

Election of members to the committee – Christopher Warburton

Expressions of interest to help with events and management of the club

Any other business – Christopher Warburton

Close of meeting – Christopher Warburton

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