A great day at Castle Combe

Photo Courtesy of Mick Allsopp

Report by Karl Edmundson

Attendees were Karl Edmondson , Mick Allsopp , Eddie Betts (hero) Mark and Sandra Jaworski , Geoff Hooker , Mike Burns , Dave and Alison Collins , Colin Mitchell , Adie and Debbie Walker , John Hall

We initially met at the Bell a short distance from the Circuit at 8am ( I got there 8.15 tut) where I dished out the entry tickets.

Mark Jaworski then went to the Circuit to claim out pitch but on arrival petrol heads all over were parking where they felt like and the marshals had given up . it was every man for himself and Mark secured enough spaces for all the cars.

Mark and Sandra then took their car onto the circuit and this day being a Forge Performance Day it was totally different from the year earlier which was a Classic and Retro day.

Last year we had 7 or 8 cars setting off to race , these were Classic cars for the most and poodle around the circuit.

Today was a totally different ball game , Mark lines up with 40 other petrol heads in high performance race tuned cars and then they were off , mental.

Mark stayed out of trouble and managed to get his car up to 95 mph but he suffered brake fade after the second lap.

12 noon arrives and hero Eddie Betts turns up in his Lambo door Crossfire , he had just finished night shift but still turned up from Nottingham.

I had my checks done on my car and queued up to go onto the circuit.

A middle aged Geordie came up to me and said *why thats a rare car* I said depending how this race goes they may be even rarer! We chatted about the SRT 6 and then I went onto the circuit and luckily for me I was at the back of the grid which suited me fine.

My thoughts were let the lunatics scream off and just follow behind and get used to the circuit. As soon as the light went green that plan went right out of the window and the foot went to the floor.

Given the fact that most of the cars were track cars I was doing ok and got it up to 125 mph on the long straight before I had to brake hard for a right hand bend. The next lap I was determined to go faster and as the bend approached I saw 125 again , I pressed the accelerator harder then almost missed the braking point , my cars back end was all over the place , an Subaru Imprezza had to take evasive action but I managed to stay on the circuit and get round the bend. The EBC Red Stuff brake pads had done their job.

There were casualties as one car blew his head gasket and others spun off the circuit.

When the laps were over I was glad to get off with the car in one piece.

It was a great day and the weather was sunny which made for great racing.

All Club members had a great day we saw some awesome cars , one above 750 bhp and another with probably over a 1000 bhp. It was all about power , tyres and brakes.

I went to the Toyo tyre exhibition tent and a young blonde slim Toyo representative asked if I would like to enter the free drawer for a set of tyres. I filled in a form and they she gave me a bag which included a wooly Toyo beanie , result.

On returning to our pitch I told the Club members who then went charging off to get their freebies.

The day had drift cars performing in between the racing which were awesome and the smoke and noise had to be seen and heard.

Geoff brought a bed sheet with him so we could lie down and see the painting to the underside of his car which  included the exhaust !!

So a great day with great weather and good people.

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