When was your Crossfire Made?

Had a quick chat with Chuk Colombani on the American Crossfire Owners group on Facebook and he gave me a quick way to check when your pride and joy was made, not when first registered which is a different story altogether.

I will use Mr Gray our Crossfire as an example of how easy it is once you know where to look.

Firstly open your drivers door and locate the data badge, this is normally by the drivers door here in the UK.

MDI Picture

Then look for the Vehicle identification Label.

Look at the Date of MFR (Manufacture) on the top left of the label

Ours reads 01/05 which is the date format which is Month/Year

Therefore Mr Gray was manufactured in January 2005

The second piece of information is MDH (Manufacture Day an Hour) which in directly under the previous information.

Mr Gray reads 013110 This format is Month/Day/Time

Therefore ours is January 31st at 10.00am

So from now on we will have a bit of a party for its birthday.

When was yours manufactured?

Let us know.

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