Safety Warning, Fuel Line Check

A motorist was left devastated after his Chrysler sports car burst into flames and was completely destroyed just half an hour after he bought it.

Paul Gregory spent £3,700 on the convertible Crossfire, which he bought from a used-car dealer in Sevenoaks, Kent. Just three miles into the 250-mile journey back to his home in Manchester, the 10-year-old car suddenly caught fire.

Karl Edmundson Had an issue with his fuel line several months ago. He found an issue with a pressurised fuel line near to the fuel pump and filter. The line had been chaffing against the bodywork and was almost worn through.

Photo by Karl Edmundson

Given the fact a Crossfire suddenly caught fire due to a fuel problem it may be worth checking your cars. All you need to do is jack up the rear offside wheel, take off the wheel then you can check the lines all around the fuel pump and filter. Don’t just look at the lines feel the lines for signs of any wear.

If it does wear through you will have pressurised petrol spraying around the area of the catalytic converters. Karl has said that he knows of at least one person who did check their car after he posted and did find they had the same issue.

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