The Crossfires on the 2015 Laon Historique

The end of the event our group lined up before the trip back to our hotel.

The Laon Historique is the biggest UK Classic Car pilgrimage into Europe with over 280 cars attending the 2015 event!  The event is a non competitive event dedicated to any type of vintage, classic, sports and kit car with cars coming from all over Europe.

On Saturday the fun begins as all of the participants make their way to the registration point to sign on for the weekends events. After collecting a rally plate and joining instructions for Saturday’s organised run. you then navigate your way through over 100 miles of beautiful french countryside, passing through small villages and driving on great open roads.

Then on Sunday morning, all of the participating cars assemble in the old town ready for the highlight of the weekend, the ‘closed street run’.  As the name suggests all of the streets are closed to traffic. The route extends over 6kms and includes a hill climb  with hairpin bends as you make your way to the old town centre .

Spectators line the streets to watch the biggest cavalcade of classic cars and sports cars in Europe. This year Crossfires were in attendance. Steve Walsh in his SRT6 Karl Edmundson in his SRT6 and John Eccles in his NA and Thomas Griffiths in his NA all had a great weekend.

Steve Walsh’s SRT6
Karl Edmondson’s SRT6


John Eccles in his Crossfire NA


Thomas Griffiths in his Crossfire NA


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